Vetrepreneurship….the beginning

Every story starts with a series of fortuitous events.  In my case, this path started while I was serving as an Army Reserve JAG officer providing legal assistance to transitioning SCI/TBI patients who were faced with an abrupt end of their military career and as they searched to determine their next course of action.  Often they were advised to go into the field of government contracting, which anyone who has attempted to do so will attest to, has several barriers to entry.  When they came to ask me about government contracting,  I diligently studied about it.  I saw learning and assisting in the field of government contracting as a way to give back to those who served.

My research and learning started with the resources available to me through the military.  I also signed up for and attended those training resources available through the civilian world as well.  The more that I learned, the more I realized that this was an area where expertise and information is crucial for success.  Many small businesses perish from the lack of knowledge and I wanted to make sure that I learned and shared enough to ensure that they would enter into the GovCon world prepared to be successful.

I started my company DC Contracting Group with the vision of being an advocate and a training vessel for small business in the government contracting space.

Carolyn Dragseth works as a government contracting counsel and for more information call 866-567-1537 or